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Medical Students and other students

In addition to providing general medical service the practice also undertakes continuing education and training of health care professionals working at the practice.  Occasionally 3rd and 4th year medical students from Bristol University will also be training with us.

Booking Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Patient transport is vital to those who need it and are physically unable to make their own way to their hospital appointments.

Patients can book non-emergency patient transport to and from their hospital appointments direct. The service is offered by Arriva Transport Solutions who can be contacted on 0845 600 6068. An expert call handler will be able to provide advice as to whether or not patient transport can be provided and should you be eligible book and manage your transport for you. The leaflet below provides more information on how to book your non-emergency patient transport.

Patient Leaflet>


Do you look after anybody in any way?

The Lodge Surgery holds a carers register to enable us to easily identify carers and to help us meet carers' needs.  Please help us by making yourself known at reception and completing one of our carers' registration forms.

home fire safety

Free home fire safety visit by Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service.  CLICK HERE for further information or visit their website

in time of bereavement

When death occurs at home:

1.  Telephone the doctor; he/she will visit to confirm that death has taken place.

2.  If death is unexpected the local police may need to be informed.

3.  Contact the funeral director.

When death occurs at hospital:

1.  Contact the funeral director to inform him that his services will be required.

2.  Collect the doctor's death certificate from the hospital.

3.  You will need to make an appointment with the registrar for the area in which the death took place and you must take the deceased's death certificate, medical card and birth certificate, if available, to this appointment.

4.  Take the green form to the funeral director who will take over complete responsibility for organising the funeral.